Tiffany Louise Sessions

The purpose of The Official Tiffany Sessions Web site and blog is to serve as the source for information, leads, and resources pertaining to the ongoing case of Tiffany’s disappearance, including information for other families whose children have gone missing. Tiffany Sessions is amongst the thousands of missing children in the United States. She is one of the few that is still missing 20 years later.

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Facts about Tiffany Sessions

Tiffany Louise Sessions was born on October 29, 1968 and went missing on February 9, 1989. Tiffany was attending the University of Florida in Gainesville with a major in Finance. Tiffany and her roommate, Kathy frequently took walks each night around their off campus apartment. On the night of February 9, 1989, Tiffany took the walk alone when Kathy was tied up with homework. According to Kathy, Tiffany left their apartment on the 2600 block of SW 35th Place in Casablanca East Condominiums between 4:00 and 6:00 pm for a walk down Williston Road. Five hours had passed after her departure when Kathy phoned Tiffany’s mother (whom lived in Valrico, FL at the time) to report her missing.maps
Tiffany Sessions was last seen wearing red sweatpants and a long-sleeve white pullover sweatshirt with gray horizontal stripes and the word “Aspen” stitched in green lettering on the collar. She was also wearing blue or white, low-cut Reebok sneakers and a two-toned, ladies silver and gold Rolex watch with a blue-tinted face and the serial number R-6009006. She was carrying a black Sony Walkman radio but had left her wallet, keys, and identification inside her residence.
When reported to the police, Tiffany’s disappearance was not handled as a crime solely because there was no crime scene to investigate. There was no sign of a struggle; nor any sign that Tiffany had even left her apartment complex parking lot. For days, weeks, moths and years, crews searched the area looking for any clues; however, to this day no information is available about her disappearance.
Witnesses saw a woman matching Tiffany’s description speaking to several unidentified individuals in a vehicle. The woman may have entered the car, but the witnesses were uncertain. Authorities have never confirmed if that person was Tiffany.
The Sessions Family, most notably her father, Patrick Sessions has been deeply involved in the search to find Tiffany. They have worked closely with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as to find the remains of Tiffany or convict any suspects to this case.
Tiffany’s case has produced thousands of leads but none have lead to conviction. If you have any information to the possible foul play or location of Tiffany Sessions, we encourage you to submit information on the “submit tips” page of this site or contact the appropriate law authorities listed in resources.

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